You must have heard a lot about the blood bank of humans, but have you ever heard about the blood bank of animals. You must be hearing this strange thing, but it is true. ‘Pet’s blood banks’ have been created in many countries around the world. The blood of most cats and dogs is found in these blood banks. Because most of these animals are reared. If a dog or a cat needs blood, then this blood bank is useful for them

You will be surprised to know that dogs and cats also have different blood groups like humans. Where there are 12 types of blood groups in dogs, 3 types of blood groups are found in cats

According to Casey Mills, a doctor in charge of ‘Veterinary Blood Banks’ based in North America, there are animal blood banks in many cities in North America, including Stockbridge, Virginia, Bristow, and Annapolis, Maryland, in addition to the cities of Dixon and Garden Grove in California . People here periodically take their pets and get them to donate blood

Doctor Mills said that the process of collecting blood from animals takes about half an hour. The most important thing is that they do not even need anesthesia

However, in a place where there is no animal blood bank, blood and plasma donation programs are organized to make people aware. According to a report, people in Britain and the United States are aware of animal blood donation, while in other places, there is still need to spread awareness about blood donation of animals

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