Twin brothers in Brazil Mayla and Sofia, decided to undergo sex change surgery together. “This is the only reported case in the world” of twins who were presumed to be male at birth undergoing female gender confirmation surgery together, said a doctor.

The two twin brothers from Brazil have done many things together throughout their lives and now both have set a record by having a transgender operation. Both these 19-year-old brothers have now turned from boys to girls after undergoing gender surgery. Both of them say that they could not feel like boys since childhood. In such a situation, they decided to get the operation done

The two brothers, Mayla and Sofia, underwent surgery at a transgender center in the southeastern city of Blumeno, Brazil. According to José Carlos, the doctor at this center, the operation of these two brothers is the first reported case in the world when two twin brothers have decided to become girls after surgery. The two brothers shared their experiences in a video conference with AFP a week after the surgery

Mayla is currently studying medicine. Sharing her experience of transgender surgery, she said that I always loved my body, but I used to feel very uncomfortable as a boy. On the other hand, Sofia, who studies civil engineering, says that there is a lot of transphobia in Brazil. People bully transgenders here a lot

According to data from the National Association of Transsexuals, 175 people died in Brazil last year, which is much higher than many other countries. Mayla and Sophia also described how they have supported each other in situations like sexual harassment, violence and bullying. They told that our family members supported us, but we were afraid that people might try to harass us or make fun of us

Mayla and Sophia’s surgery has cost about 20 thousand dollars. To manage the money, their grandfather sold his property. Mayla and Sofia are very happy after the operation

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