Top Brands In India Are Swadeshi Or Not?

How to check whether the brand is Indian or product is make in India or not? Today we are going to tell you exactly how you can check it yourself using a simple mobile app.

Is this brand Indian

The government is regularly pushing make in India and localization in every field, be it subsidizing manufacturing and other services to make Aatmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India) successful. There is so much penetration of Chinese commodities in our markets and other non-friendly countries which benefit from our market by earning huge sums and then hurt our country either on borders or international forum.

So as responsible citizens least we can do is support our local produce and lower our dependency on foreign brands. Therefore, we are here to guide you with an upcoming app where you can check whether the brand/product is Indian or not.

They have already uploaded 5000 products and companies with authentic data about them. You can download the app and search for any brand or product name in the app and get the result instantly.          

Many Chinese brands earn most of their revenues from the Indian market but benefit the Chinese regime, which is regularly instigating our army on the borders. The US government has accused companies like Huawei and ZTE and banned by them from doing business in the US because they are designated threats to national security. They regularly collect sensitive data and pass it onto their parent country for misuse against their enemy country.

There are many brands that you believed to be Indian but aren’t actually Indian like Hindustan Unilever isn’t Indian but a subsidiary of Unilever from Britain, but since it has a Hindustan word, we thought it’s Indian. The company Peter England is Indian, but the name suggests it is from England. Same for Monte Carlo and Da Milano, which sound foreign but actually are India-born premium brands.

Best part about this app is you can also post about your local business/company on this app.

Link For Aatmanirbhar App

About the app

It is created by Mr. Yash Agrawal.

It is available on both android as well as iOS.

You don’t need signup, and you can directly install and search any product/company.

Disclaimer: All the information is collected from the internet, and the author isn’t responsible for any of your losses.

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