The practice of hanging has started since the 10th century. Superstitions have also been prevalent since the same time as the rope used for hanging. In fact, when hanging in Britain, this rope was given to the executioner. But after this, this superstition spread among the people that if you keep this piece of rope at home or wear a piece of locket, then it can change the fate

It is also mentioned in the history that in Britain the executioners used to cut these rope into pieces and sell them and people happily bought them. However, hanging was banned in Britain in 1965

Not only this, when in Britain, the person was executed by cutting his head, then it was a superstition among the people that if the body parts of the person who was executed were kept at home, then not only this would keep you away from disease,  But it also brings good fortune. When someone was given this punishment, they used to bring such clothes from their homes, so that they could drown these clothes in blood. People believed that luck would work better by keeping this cloth at home

However, these superstitions were prevalent in many countries around the world. In France, executioners sold this blood at high prices, while in China this blood was collected and used in medicines. This is explained in detail in the British public interest LA General

There was also a superstition in the countries of Britain and Europe that if someone touches the hanged loop, he can get rid of many diseases of skin, stomach and throat.

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