There are many villages around the world, which are quite famous for some special reasons. Some are famous for their cleanliness, while some are known for their beauty. But today we will tell you about some villages, which are famous all over the world for some unique reasons. You will be surprised after knowing about these villages.

1. Blue Village of Spain

In Spain, there is a village called Jujacar, which is all blue, that is, everyone’s house here is blue. It is said that in 2011, some people got their houses painted blue for a 3D film. After this, gradually all the people of the village made their houses blue.

2. Kung-Fu Village of China

There is a village in Tianzhu, China, which is known as ‘Kung-Fu Village’. People here are famous all over the world because of their skills. There is hardly anyone in this village who does not know Kung-fu. People from all over the world come to this village and meet the people here and those who have to learn kung-fu, they also learn.

3. Village with it’s own Sun

Italy is known worldwide for its beauty. One of its villages is Viganella, which is situated under a deep valley in the city of Milan. The village is completely surrounded by valleys and is so deeply inhabited that sunlight does not reach here for nearly three months in winter. Therefore, some engineers and architects from the village came together and made a huge mirror, which reflects the rays of sunlight to reach the village and the whole village gets sunlight. Because of this people say that this village has its own sun.

4. Kidney Valley Nepal

Hokse village of Nepal is famous as ‘Village with one kidney’. Almost every person here has only one kidney. People have sold one of their kidneys. It is said that they were lured by money traffickers as they said that the kidneys would grow again. This is the reason why the name of this village is called ‘Kidney Valley’.

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