Sometimes we encounter such creatures, which are difficult to believe even with our own eyes. At the same time, if we talk about the deep sea, then in its unfathomable depths, often strange creature are found. Something similar has happened in Indonesia. Here a fisherman has caught a mutant shark with a human face

People were frightened to see this fish with human face. A large shark fish was caught in the net by 48-year-old fisherman Abdullah Nureen. But he had no idea that he was going to face a surprise. When they cut the shark fish, three children were growing inside it. The appearances of two of these three children were normal, but one child looked like a human being.

The eyes of this unique baby shark were round and large. At the same time, experts are calling it a case of mutation. Abdullah Nureen, refused to sell this unique baby shark and has started raising him in his house. There are crowds of people daily to see this amazing creature.

Abdullah Nureen said that there are many people, including neighbors, who want to buy this shark’s baby. But, I have turned down everyone’s proposal. There is a huge crowd at my house to see this shark. I’d rather preserve this shark than sell it. I think this will change my luck.

Let us tell you that earlier also such unique fishes have been found in the coastal region of Indonesia. In October last year, the Indonesian fisherman had found a shark fish, which had only one eye. However, it is not yet known why such fishes are being found in this area.

Below is the video:

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