The world is amazing, we all know this. Perhaps this is why everyone wants to live more and more. But sadly, the world is so big that no human being can see the whole world in his life. Well never mind, at least we can know the mysteries related to the world, which are really amazing. So let’s Start

Iceland is the happiest nation. The only country that does not have an army.

Do you know that black bears sometimes fall asleep on trees.

In the world, most board games ie Ludo, Chase, etc. are sold in Germany.

Tokelau is the only island where electricity comes only from solar energy.

In Ancient Egypt, killing of Cat was punishable by death.

The flags of pirate ships were Red and not black as shown in the movies.

12 thousand years ago kangaroos used to be equal in size to hippopotamuses.

Human child is not able to test salt-sugar until the age of four months.

The Antarctic has more than 400 lakes underground.

There is also a device that creates a fire with voice.

If you think of Earth as a particle of dust, then the sun will be equal to an orange.

Dead Sea is not completely dead. There is also life in it’s salty water.

The best-selling pizza has fungus toppings. That is mushroom.

Millions of years ago, the first horse was the size of a cat.

Only around 100 people in the world can speak Latin perfectly.

There are only two seasons on the planet Uranus, winter-summer. Each season lasts 42 years.

A human’s heart can throw blood up to a height of 30 feet.

People in Italy consider wearing red underwear lucky on the new year.

2 Billion people in the world eat insects as a regular diet.

Only 2 percent of people in the world have green eyes.

In 1930, Pluto was named after an 11-year-old girl from England.

The blood of human body travels 1000 revolutions of the body throughout the day.

In ancient times barbers also used to work as surgeons. They were known for performing small operations.

In the Greek period, there was a belief in Greece that eating human flesh makes humans into wolves.

People who are afraid of Friday the 13th are called friggatriskaidekephobia.

An earthworm eats food equal to his body weight every day.

There is so much electricity in our brain that it can light a bulb.

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